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ZENTRO 4-Cutter – Cutting Edge Technology!
For use in concrete, masonry and natural stone.

DreBo operates a constant new and further product development programme based on practical tests. As a result, our products meet the continuously rising market demands.

The ZENTRO 4-Cutter has been steadily improved over the years and meets the professional user's highest technical requirements.

Excellent performance – long life!
The ZENTRO 4-Cutter not only proves its excellent qualities time and again in practice under the toughest conditions, but also in the permanent endurance tests held. This gives our customers worldwide the assurance that they have available a tool of the highest quality.

Dynamic drill bit head with unique cutting geometry

The improved quality of the ZENTRO head design is not only reflected by improved life expectancy, but specifically through the faster drilling.
special primary cutting geometry
centring point for exact spot drilling
reduced friction and centralised alignment in drilled hole
secondary cutters protect drill bit in the event of reinforcement collision
improved soldering process
The core-reinforcement (KVS) guarantees a high break resistance.
The geometry ofthe core-reinforcement (KVS) ensures that the impact
energy of the rotaryhammer will be transferred with a high efficiency directly
from the power toolto the drill bit tip. This generates a fast drilling progress.
The 2-fluted geometryof the drill bit provides a fast removal of the drilling
The result:
Greatest economic value, exact, perfectly dimensioned holes

PGM tested drills:
they live up to their reputation!

Our masonry drill bits bear the mark of conformity of the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM), which is granted only to selected manufacturers.


Drill bits with this mark are guaranteed to conform to strict criteria regarding the diameter
of the carbide tip, its symmetrical soldering, and the concentricity
of the drills.

Only PGM tested drill bits are used by anchor manufacturers and institutes for the development and approval tests of new anchors.

Insist on the PGM mark of conformity the next time you purchase a high quality drill bit. You can rely on it!


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