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UNICut – The Universal Hole Saw with Bite!
Whether sanitation or central heating technician, electrician, interior and exterior builder, carpenter, kitchen fitter or professional DIY expert – UNICut sets new standards in the fields of performance, application and safety!
UNICut can be used in rotary hammer drills with the SDS-plus chuck system and all
3-jaw-chuck drills.
UNICut Universal Hole Saws are designed for use in a wide range of materials:
masonry such as aerated concrete, bricks etc.
light-weight building materials such as plaster board, Fermacell etc.
plastic and plastic coated wood
hard woods, chipboard, plywood etc.
UNICut Universal Hole Saw: convincing advantages!
Robust und durable:
Carbide teeth with twin support and enlarged soldered surface (1) guarantee safe seating and tough material bonding.
Optimised saw body:
Improved vibration control due to the special geometry of the enlarged boring debris chambers (2) and the exhaust slot (3).
Special PROTect adapter: for highest possible job safety and simple handling!
No tool loss due to accidental activation of hammer mechanism:
The shortened SDS-plus grooves (4) prevent hammer activation. Damage to the tool is prevented even if the hammer action is not deactivated.
Simple handling and tool chuck:
Comfortable quick release coupling (5) to remove the centring drill bit quickly. The lack of a rotating clamping screw avoids injury.
Simple removal of the drill core:
The drill core can be easily removed from the Hole Saw by simply releasing the centring drill. Spanner flats allow the adapter (6) to be easily loosened.
UNICut accessories:
Special Centring Drill Bit
for PROTect Adapter (7) available in carbide-tipped and HSS version.

PGM tested drills:
they live up to their reputation!

Our masonry drill bits bear the mark of conformity of the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM), which is granted only to selected manufacturers.


Drill bits with this mark are guaranteed to conform to strict criteria regarding the diameter
of the carbide tip, its symmetrical soldering, and the concentricity
of the drills.

Only PGM tested drill bits are used by anchor manufacturers and institutes for the development and approval tests of new anchors.

Insist on the PGM mark of conformity the next time you purchase a high quality drill bit. You can rely on it!

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