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SDS Adapter
Adapters for SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
For rotary hammer drills with SDS-max or 2-slot chuck, Spline and 13 mm AF Hexagon chuck.
Adapters for tools with SDS-plus shank. Drilling tools with smaller diameters can be used in conjunction with the adapters in heavy rotary hammer drills.
SDS-plus 3-Jaw-Chuck Adapter with internal thread
For rotary hammer drills with SDS-plus or 2-slot chuck.
SDS-plus shank for 3-jaw-chuck including screw.
SDS-plus Adapter for Screwdriver Bit
For rotary hammer drills with SDS-plus or 2-slot chuck. SDS-plus shank bitholder allows lightweight hammers to be used as screwdrivers.

PGM tested drills:
they live up to their reputation!

Our masonry drill bits bear the mark of conformity of the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM), which is granted only to selected manufacturers.


Drill bits with this mark are guaranteed to conform to strict criteria regarding the diameter
of the carbide tip, its symmetrical soldering, and the concentricity
of the drills.

Only PGM tested drill bits are used by anchor manufacturers and institutes for the development and approval tests of new anchors.

Insist on the PGM mark of conformity the next time you purchase a high quality drill bit. You can rely on it!

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