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Zylinderschaftbohrer Straight Shank Drill Bits
The DreBo Cylinder Shank Series offers a high-performance tool with specially developed tip and flute geometry for all types of applications.
SUPERSCHLAG PLUS for concrete, masonry, natural and
artificial stone
PERDUR for concrete, masonry
ALLRO for tiles (to surface hardness 8), marble, masonry
UNIDre for lightweight building materials such as wood, metal,
plastic, bricks, plaster board, tiles, ceramics and aerated concrete
Superschlag Plus

heavy-duty drill bit with unique head-
geometry and centring point
precision-ground drill tip,
hardened (rotary-hammer­proof)
H-flute for optimal removal of dust
and debris
DC-carbide for extremely tough materials

Heavy-duty drill bit with special carbide
hammer drill bit quality
Hardened (rotary-hammer-proof)
Asymmetrical flute

positive, aggressive cutting angle
diamond-ground carbide tip
precision-ground flutes
accurate spot drilling
precision-ground flutes
special carbide-geometry with cutting

PGM tested drills:
they live up to their reputation!

Our masonry drill bits bear the mark of conformity of the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM), which is granted only to selected manufacturers.


Drill bits with this mark are guaranteed to conform to strict criteria regarding the diameter
of the carbide tip, its symmetrical soldering, and the concentricity
of the drills.

Only PGM tested drill bits are used by anchor manufacturers and institutes for the development and approval tests of new anchors.

Insist on the PGM mark of conformity the next time you purchase a high quality drill bit. You can rely on it!

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