Our products are of uniform high quality. We have relied on a common quality assurance programme, which includes all company departments and processes.
The systematic surveillance of the manufacturing processes is performed by strictly defined quality assurance parameters in order to immediately recognise and adjust deviations.

The certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and membership in the “Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e. V.” (PGM), whose mark we bear, confirm our quality philosophy.

Certificate (PDF)
The PGM-mark is the quality guarantor for excellent rotary hammer drill bits. Similar to the German TÜV badge which stands for safety of an automobile, the PGM-mark on the hammer drill bit guarantees a high-quality product manufactured under controlled an certified conditions.

Selection of Raw Materials:
Quality begins with the choice of raw materials. Our vendors are those whose products comply with our purchasing specifications on a continual basis. We set the course here for a first-class final product.



On a long-term basis, hand-arm vibrations mean a serious health risk for the professional operator.

The EU Vibrations Guideline 2002/44/EC, which regulates the maximum permitted vibration stress an operator may be subjected to per day, came into effect mid 2005 and applies only to electrical devices.

However, we have made an
effort to ensure that in our developmental processes our tools - being system components of electrical devices - themselves exhibit low vibration values, thus protecting the operator from health risks.

We at DreBo perform permanent product testing, whereby vibration stress is gauged and tool geometry optimised accordingly to minimise this stress.

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