Efficient and Competitive
DreBo has a modern machine shop with a high production capacity. We invest regularly in innovative manufacturing technologies and machines with the goal of achieving a constant increase in productivity.
Production process
The use of ERP and CAD permits a high level of efficiency and competitiveness. The flexible form of our organisational and production structure guarantees the economical manufacture of volume product runs, as well as the production of customised special tools. Special attention is paid to the highly automated production process.
Continuous monitoring using statistical methods and specific procedures are part of the daily routine. Each stage of manufacturing is monitored.

Quality – Made in Germany
Any hand tool bearing this symbol is a genuine proprietary-brand tool produced in a German manufacturing plant.

The "mark of origin" can often be found on every hand tool of German production correctly determined as being "made in Germany".

This symbol is fully supported by companies of the German tool manufacturing industry, represented by their industrial association FWI.

Stringent rules ensure the eligibility to use the mark "DEUTSCHES WERKZEUG
- Made in Germany",
is exclusive to members of the German Association of the tool manufacturing industry.

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