The active protection of the environment
is a fundamental component of our company philosophy. The raw materials and the entire production process were determined with ecological and economical concerns in mind. For example, for cleaning, hardening and conservation purposes we use environmentally friendly materials and machines. We have already swapped the majority of the wet processes used during the machining phase for dry procedures.

Any necessary lubricants and cooling agents, however, are purified at the location, reintroduced to the manufacturing cycle or returned to the manufacturer for reconditioning. Residues undergo environmentally friendly reconditioning processes. Selection of these materials is based not only on their technical features but also on environmental safety factors. The production machines are equipped with filter and suction devices to handle any vapours that are generated. Ecologically safe and completely biodegradable, water-based cleaning agents are used for the degreasing and cleaning of products.
Wax-based preserving agents are used, whereby solvents which are released in the plant during this process are reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle by an ecologically safe process. Residual materials no longer necessary for the manufacturing process are disposed of using environmentally safe procedures. Only materials and resources which have been approved and classified as environmentally safe are selected for implementation. The entire production area is engineered to ensure that any escaping oils and lubricants flow into vessels designed for this purpose, ensuring that no fluids are released into the environment.
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